EEO August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019

Equal Employment Opportunity Program
Annual Report

Neuhoff Media – Springfield LLC
Springfield, Illinois
August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019


Full-Time Vacancies

 The following full-time positions were filled during the reporting period:

  1. Sports Reporter
  2. Director of Digital Services

Interview Sources

Total Number of Persons Interviewed: 10

Sources of Interviews Conducted:

Position Job Title Date Filled Applicants Interviewe-Sources- Recruitment Sources


Referral Source of Employee


Sports Reporter 8/2/18


9, 27, 35 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 25, 27, 32, 35 27
2 Director of Digital Sales  & Client Services 5/1/19 1, 19, 27, 35 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 31, 32, 35 35


 Recruitment Sources of Employee Notices




On Air Announcements:


3055 S. 4th Street

Springfield, IL 62703

Kevin O’Dea




Manpower 2719 W. Monroe Street

Springfield, Il  62704

Ginette Comstock




Southern Illinois University Broadcast Department Woody Hall B204

Carbondale, IL  62901

Dr. James Scales


Rainbow Push Coal 930 E 50th St.

Chicago, IL  60615

Tannis Williamson


Career Center I.S.U.


Career Center I.S.U.

Coordinator Student Employment

Campus Box 2520

Normal IL 61790


Timoteo Asis


Parkland College


2400 W. Bradley Avenue

Champaign, IL  61821

Sandy Spencer


John Wood Community College


1301 S. 48th Street

Quincy, IL  62305

Susan Deege


NAACP Springfield Branch P.O. Box 1524

Springfield, IL  62704

Rudy Davenport


University of IL at Champaign/Urbana 620 E John

Room 250

Champaign, IL  61820

Lavonne Nouaofski


IL Center for Broadcasting 55 W 22nd Street


Lombard, IL  60148

Mike Kendall


IL Dept. of Human Services Office


2435 Broadway

Quincy, IL  62301

Donna Ryan
12 National Association of Broadcasters Minority & Specialty Services Department 1771 N Street NW

Washington DC 20036

13 Quincy University Career Services 1800 College St.

Quincy, IL  62301

Rebecca Barrett
14 Land of Lincoln Consortium 1300 S 9th St.

Springfield, Il 62703

Susan Sims
15 U of I Springfield
K30 Human Resources office
Springfield, IL  62794 Rosa Bryan
16 Southern Illinois University Room 1056 Communications Building

Carbondale, IL  62901

Phylis Johnson
17 Illinois Broadcasters Association 300 N Pershing Ave.

Suite B

Energy IL  62933

Debbie David
18 Springfield Center for Independent Living 426 West Jefferson

Springfield, IL  62702

Cecelia Haasis
19 All Access Music Group

28955 Pacific Coast Hwy

Suite 210

Malibu, CA 90265

On Air Position


20 Women in Communications P.O. Box 1105

Bloomington, IL  61702


21 Women in Management P.O. Box 1131

Springfield, IL 62705

22 Springfield College in Illinois 1500 N. Fifth Street

Springfield, IL  62702

23 Springfield Urban League 1100 N 11th St.

Springfield, IL  62703

Ms. Nicki Baker
24 Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 908 Martin Luther King Dr.

Springfield, IL  62703

25 Lincolnland Community College 5250 Shephard Road

Springfield, IL  62702

Shawn Shures
26 Zion Baptist Church/Pastor Hagy 1601 E. Laurel

Springfield  62707

27 Employee Referral
28 Broadcast Center Employee Placement 2360 Hampton Ave.

St. Louis, MO  63139

John Carrol


29 State Journal Register One Copley Plaza

Springfield, IL

30 Capital Area Career Center 2201 Toronto Road

Springfield, IL  62707

Jim Grimes
31 Neuhoff Media – Social Media Accounts Neuhoff Media-Decatur

250 North Water Street

Decatur, Illinois 62523

Kevin O’Dea


32 Neuhoff Media – Springfield Internal Posting 217-528-3033
33 Country Aircheck Country Aircheck

914 18th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37212


Lon Helton


34 Craigslist Michele Mitchell


35 Neuhoff Communications

3055 S 4th Street

Springfield, IL

Michele Mitchell



Supplemental Outreach Initiatives

Indiana Broadcasters Association – Career Fair
Neuhoff EVP Chris Fleming and VP/Programming Mike Shamus, attended the Indiana Broadcasters Association Spring Career Fair in Carmel, Indiana on March 30, 2019. We spoke with potential job candidates in sales, on-air, news and engineering positions.

University of Indianapolis
Neuhoff EVP Chris Fleming participated in an outreach program at University of Indianapolis – where job seekers applied for real world jobs at the radio stations and received real world feed-back from a seasoned hiring manager. January-February 2019

National Association of Broadcasters – Education Foundation
Neuhoff Media COO, Michael Hulvey, presented at the NABEF Student Scholar Mentoring program on September 26th, 2018. The remarks included information about careers in broadcasting, future opportunities in the industry and our company. The program was held in conjunction with the national Radio Show in Orlando Florida.

Neuhoff Sports Media Camp
This annual program featured 11 students attending the program the week of June 24th, 2019 at the Danville Area Community College. The program focused on young people interested in careers in the media field in general, but with an emphasis on radio, television broadcasting and writing. Members of the Neuhoff staff conduct hands on training in announcing, interviewing, reporting, writing and public relations. In its 24th year, the Summer Media Camp is responsible for a number of current or former staff members

Fast Forward Development Program

The Neuhoff Fast Forward program allows a staff member in each market to participate in this development program.  The Fast Forward participants learn from in-house experts plus outside speakers on subjects that lead to their professional development.  The goal is to build our next generation of leaders in all facets of our business from the inside first. 

Neuhoff Mentoring Program

A Neuhoff mentoring program has been established with senior team members and those identified through the Fast Forward Program.  Each member meets monthly with their senior level mentor.  The mentee receive direction on key career goals and personal development.

Neuhoff Media Internship Program

We regularly provide internship opportunities to the community for the development of skill necessary for employment in the broadcast industry.  These internships focus on content, performance, support and development aspects.  Our internships have been utilized by high school, college and post educational members of the public. A total of four students from Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and University of Illinois-Springfield served in this capacity during the reporting period.

Senior Leadership Team EEO Training Program

Annually the Neuhoff Leadership Team is provided with training on EEO best practices. We’ve provided outside experts to train specifically on matters relating to discrimination, sexual harassment and other matter related to employee development.  We have retained the services a professional trainer to assist in these matters.