96.7 BOB FM Now On Echo Devices

Now You Can Listen To 96.7 BOB FM On Any Device In The Amazon Echo Family

If you have an Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or Echo Spot you can listen to 96.7 BOB FM anytime!

Before you can listen anytime you need to enable 96.7 BOB FM skill for Amazon Alexa, and there are two easy ways to do it…

Enable It On Your Amazon App

  • Go to the Amazon Alexa app on your phone

  • In the menu choose “Skills”

  • Type “96.7 BOB FM” in the search bar

  • Click on the BOB FM logo then click on the “Enable Skill” button

You’re done!

Enable It With Your Voice

Once you’ve enabled the 96.7 BOB FM skill, you can listen any time!  Just say…